Training and resourcing leaders to plant churches that plant churches


a1:8movement is a ministry training and resourcing leaders who are planting churches that plant churches in the U.S., Western Europe, and Mozambique, Africa. 

Our story

In 1991, Crossroads Church began with the vision of reaching the unreached people of Pittsburgh’s western suburbs. As the church grew, so did the vision’s scope. 

In 1998, Crossroads released its first full-time staff person to plant a church in Pittsburgh’s northern suburbs. Since then, Crossroads has started four other campuses and trained and coached church planters in the U.S. and Europe. 

In 2016, a1:8movement was formed as a non-profit organization to catalyze the multiplication of churches in the U.S. and Western Europe. Our goal is to help plant 100 churches that will plant other churches. We will do this through providing training, resources, coaching and mentoring to church planting teams. 

We are part of the movement Jesus began when he commissioned his followers:

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you;
and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea
and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

United States

Leo Vollbracht, a pastor at Crossroads for several years, is responding to God's call to plant a church on the east coast of Florida beginning in 2017.

Western Europe

A team from Crossroads was in France in July 2017 to work alongside a church planter in sharing the Gospel and strengthening the new church.

Crossroads partners with 2 church planters in France who are reflecting the light of Jesus in a very post-Christian society.

Mozambique, Africa

Two teams from Crossroads were in Mozambique in 2017 to work with our partner churches and networks. The first team brought training materials that our partners requested in Disciple Making Movements, Muslim evangelism, and Church Planting Essentials by Dynamic Church Planting Internationals. 37 students representing 23 churches graduated from CPE and have committed to plant an additional 6 new churches in 2017, including one among an unreached people group in northern Mozambique.

Our partner networks and churches have already planted 18 new churches in Mozambique!

Church Planter Training

Our training is designed and led by practitioners, including Crossroads’ founding pastor Steve Cordle.

In Acts 1:8 Jesus said we would be his witnesses after we receive power from the Holy Spirit. So training features focuses on both strategy and power evangelism. It is designed to equip planters for both contemporary church and for alternative forms which reach those who are unresponsive to more traditional models.

Three forms of training:

  • Seminars
    • Church Planting Essentials
    • Churches Planting Churches
    • Mentoring Church Planters
    • Disciple Making Training
    • Power Evangelism
  • Residency
    • 3 to 9 months of practice and preparation on site at Crossroads Church.
  • Coaching and mentoring
    • Regular guidance for those on the field

For more information, contact info@a18movement.org

What is a residency?

   A 6-12 month experience of hands-on leadership development at Crossroads Church for pastors or key leaders interested in planting a church. 
    You become part of the staff team of Crossroads Church, with significant leadership responsibilities, feedback and coaching from Crossroads senior staff. 
    You will engage in reading and seminars, and meet with Lead Pastor Steve Cordle several times throughout your experience.

   A stipend is offered for those selected. 

Church Planting Internships

   Church planting interns function in a similar way to residents, but for a 3-month time period. Interns are self-funded (though housing is available to a limited number). 

Becoming a resident or intern

We are now accepting applications for 3-month internships and church-planting residency (includes stipend) for 2017. For an application please email info@a18movement.org

Planter Profiles


Troy Miller, Pittsburgh, PA

Through many years of discernment and spiritual development, I have been given a passion for our city and region. I encountered the calling of God during my time at Catalyst Conference in the Fall of 2009 and was burdened for ministry in and around a city. As I’ve talked to others about this burden, it has become clear that I want to help shepherd and serve a church that serves our region in innovative, creative, and sacrificial ways. These ways probably don’t exactly exist yet.

Through this discernment process, I have been keenly aware of my limitations as a person and a minister, but have been affirmed by others that my ability to cast vision and proclaim the Word of God in a passionate and accessible way are gifts that go a long way in planting a church. God has also placed other people in my life who share a similar goal in seeing a unique form of Christian community emerge in Pittsburgh and who are actively praying about how they might be involved in a planting process. 

Coaching for Pastors

Dr. Steve Cordle offers coaching to help planters and pastors reach their goals.

What others are saying:

The coach moves into your ministry with you, but stands as an objective eye and voice greater than yourself.  It is not for the faint of heart, because it will encourage and challenge you to your core.  Steve Cordle stands as one of the best coaches anyone could be blessed to have in their corner!  He brings his passion for Jesus and his compassion for people into to every coaching session and it is truly transformational."
      - Allan Brooks, Franklin District Superintendent, UMC

Steve Cordle entered my life at a crucial time, a literal teetering about which way to go. It was my own fork in a road. Through his patient and probing questions, he was able to bring to light hidden options I would not have considered by myself.
He was not afraid to press & challenge me and was perfectly fine with my disagreements and choices in other directions. 
Steve’s coaching is filled with a deep well of experience and empathetic connection with his clients. Anyone interested in uncovering new options for ministry and having a more than competent companion along the way would do well to engage in a relationship with Steve.

     - Rev. Jeff Raker; Sr. Pastor The Park UMC (Cincinnati area) and Professional coach

Steve was my coach for over a year and during that time help guide me through some very important decisions that our church was facing.   Steve is incredibly knowledgeable about church management, growth and discipleship. His knowledge is coupled with an incredible pastor’s heart.  Steve not only cared about what was happening with our church he was equally concerned with what happening in my heart and soul.  Steve's love of Christ shines through his coaching.  He has been a gift to me personally and professionally.   
      - Rev. Jeff Nelson, Michigan

Become a Partner

Planting new churches is the most effective way to reach new people and new places. New works in God's Kingdom require support and encouragement in many ways, and it all begins with prayer. Will you pray for the pastors and people of our movement as they seek to respond to God's call? In addition, the funding that the a18movement provides to our partner churches relies on the financial support of individuals and churches who share the vision to see God's Kingdom multiply around the world. We welcome and prayerfully appreciate your financial support, because the reality is that resources are required to plant viable new churches.

Current Opportunities to Fund the 2018 Share of the Following Projects

Church Planter Residencies

  • 2 residents are committed through 2018 to prepare to plant new churches in 2019 ($25,000 each)
    • Pittsburgh, PA
    • Treasure Coast of Florida

New Churches in North America

  • Western PA ($20,000)
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia ($20,000)

Church Planting in Western Europe

  • Church Planting Center ($30,000)
  • Support 2 Paris Church Planters ($6,000 each)
  • Agde, France ($13,000)
  • Rural Village ($6,000)

Changing Lives in Mozambique

  • Training and Support of Church Planting Network of 18 Churches ($5,000)

Training and Support

  • US Church Planter Training ($5,000)
  • France Church Planter Training ($5,000)


You can make your tax-deductible contribution online:

Checks can be made payable to:  
1000 Crossroads Drive
Oakdale, PA 15071

Contact us at: info@a18movement.org